So who got their Neverfull today?

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  1. I did! I have THE best SA ever at LV Scottsdale and he put aside the small and medium sizes yesterday for me until i decided. So after thinking about it on the 20 minute drive over to Scottsdale, I chose the smaller one. I may go back and get the medium size another time.

    Anyone worried that a little too much weight in the bag will stretch the straps since they are so thin?
  2. i havnt gotten one...but who is ur SA at fashion square?? i actually just got my first lv (ive been a gucci freak for years and thought id make it over to the dark brown side ;) haha) .... and when i bought my noe i tried to establish a relationship but i ended up working with three differe SA's because it was so busy!!! i was like wtf!! they were all super sweet but ARHHHHH!!!!
  3. Not me....:crybaby:I have to wait till the end of June before my LV will sell it. But it's good for me. I need to learn how to not get instant gratification. But congrats to you! It's such a lovely bag!
  4. I love the Neverfull PM!!


    (dont forget to join the Neverfull Club!)
  5. I didn't. I saw them last week and didn't want one.
  6. maybe at the end of summer i'll be able to join this club. :smile:
  7. I think the pm will be the right size for me :heart:
  8. My SA said that she saw the "strap test" on the neverfull, and it didn't break until the weight reached 200 pounds!!
  9. how much do you plan on carrying in this bag ?
    Seem to me the straps are the same as the reade gm.. Anyone have issues with that bag ?
  10. I saw them, they are very cute! I held off, however. Waiting for the Berkely in July. If I don't fall in love with the Berkely I will get either the mono or Damier Neverfull. Loved the PM size best, MM size next. BTW, I saw the pics of the Damier Neverfull and it is very pretty - so is the Damier Trunks and Bags mini pochette w/the red stamp!
  11. I got mine last Friday and haven't put her down since. I love her.
  12. Congrats!
  13. I'm going on Tuesday to pick up the Neverfull MM since my SA wasn't going to be at work today. I saw her on Sat. and she said that they had plenty, so I'm not worried about it. Although, I'm glad that the release date was moved up from June 1. However, SCP already had them for sale a week earlier!

    I'm hoping that the Amarante inclusion will be available on June 1st!!!
  14. Where'd you see pics of the Damier? :nuts:

    I've decided to wait for the Damier (though I am loving it in mono as well), and it's a looong wait if it indeed comes out in November!
  15. ^ woo, i want to know, too! i would love to see the damier version.