So when do you think they will release new items??

  1. So I know the web site was recently updated, and some of the items are not in stores yet, but when do you think they will update again??? I just got a credit from Coach and quickly flew to my keyboard, and eh nothing talks to me...
    I have had this credit for 3 days and I really want to spend it but nothing. Do you think anything else will be coming out soon??

    Oh, and a big thank you to everyone on this board. I had a patchwork swing pack that I bought at the outlet I used it 3 times and one of the patches was wearing of. Because of all of you I learned about the great customer service. I sent the bag in and they said it was a defect and thus the credit.

    I don't want to buy something just to buy something. Know what I mean??
  2. Sorry I don't know when the site will be updated! I know new stuff comes out April 1st.

    I totally know what you mean though, it can be annoying but try to wait to buy something until you find something you love!
  3. an sa told me that the april 1 stuff would be out after the pce (a little early)...but not sure if there was truth to that.
  4. i believe so!

    i always think that the floorset gets moved feels like the things come out eariler then said to evade the stupid copies...and selling would be out item on eBay for higher prices then necessary
  5. Yea, according to the catalog and the big book at the store, come April 1st alot of new things will be in stores. (April 2nd though, really, because April 1st is a Sunday)
  6. I've pre-ordered a few things in the past from, even though the catalog stated a later availability date. I tend to think that's why a lot of new things sell out and never make it to the stores. Like the red patent leather coin purse, and XL Ergo (limited qty) . . .
  7. I agree, I haven't seen anything I liked on the Coach website lately. I'm hoping that the summer line will have something exciting.

    Oh and as far as updates, I would go with the info in the stuff will most likely be updated in April.