So what type of Kooba goes to Maui?

  1. I don't know if I should take one, in case I get it messed up. But I have all these new bags so I want to really bad!

  2. I bet your sand Claudia would be nice, and versatile. Color is great too! Or maybe your cream Sienna? :tup:
  3. I was thinking the cream sienna would be nice too!
  4. What if I get some nasty stuff on it? I can picture myself in some jungle with my Kooba...
  5. hee-hee thats funny to imagine---but why trudge through some jungle when you have the Hotel pool! :p
  6. Just take a beach bag, then you won't have to worry. It wouldn't be much of a holiday if you spoilt a Kooba.
  7. Good idea Mini. Maybe I'll bring the old faithful LV bucket. Then I don't have to worry about "injuring" a Kooba. It carries a good deal of stuff too...
  8. You might want to drag along one of the Ivory or black Koobas for a night out. Don't tell me you're going to Maui and there's not going to be a little romance, wining/dining. But, during the day, you can use a utilitarian bag so if you're out in the rain forest you don't have to worry.
  9. Better yet, Lisa, how about you stay home with the Koobas and I'll take your place in Hawaii - just kidding. You know how jealous I am. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii.