So What keychains are currently in the outlets?

  1. I'm looking for a keychain to go with my signature stripe black/gunmetal tote.

    Of course almost everything goes with black, but i just want the perfect one!

    So if you all know of any that you've seen in the outlets or even maybe...GASP...ON SALE??:tup:

    Please let me know :yes:

    I especially like the animals ones, BTW

    I just wanted to see what people were saying because I'm going to goto the aurora,il outlets tomorrow!
  2. I've seen the little monkey and the initials, thats all. Oh and I remember one of those miny ergo totes so cute. My outlet sucks when it comes to keychains or charms.
  3. I have seen the zodiacs, and the initials with silver clips, and lots of picture keychains. That is what i saw at the local Texas outlets.
  4. I haven't been to my outlet in a couple of weeks, but as far as animal keyfobs go they had the toucan, monkey, and frog.
  5. I have seen the zodiacs and initials (that is at both foley and gulfport)
  6. I don't know if this is at the outlets, but on my black /gunmetal stripe tote, I put the pink pig charm on it! It's so cute, a light metallic pink on one side and a hot pink on the other. It really pops against the black! :smile:
  7. At Gilroy as of Thursday they had a ton (at least two swivel displays worth):

    tattersall pouch keyfob
    some letters
    some zodiac
    the fuschia picture
    hamptons striped picture
    some multi color flower
    an apple
    a heart picture (9.99! wish i got more than one)
    some others that I don't remember

    and they had some cute watches and some sunglasses all were an extra 20% off.

    sorry don't know the prices offhand, but a majority were about $24 or maybe less.

  8. I don't think it's at the outlets yet, but my black/gunmetal tote wears the skull keyfob SO well!! I also have the snowflake and snowman--I'll try to attach some pics so you can see them on the tote.



  9. With the snowman keyfob:

  10. I saw all of those listed above as well as the frog and the Owl. Both were really cute.
  11. I saw the winter boot, the snowman, the penguin, the owl and the monkey yesterday.