So, what do you buy when you are not buying bags?

  1. I'm more or less satisfied with my current bag collection (well, still trying to scale down my Balenciaga's). But right now I am not looking for a new bag.

    (OK, I will admit I am thinking of buying a Longchamp bag to replace my Herve Chaplier as my rainy day bag. Will head to the Short Hills mall this week to check them out).

    But other than that, I am not expecting any packages in the mail. UPS just stopped in front of my neighbor's house and I got all excited. However, I quickly realized I wasn't expecting anything... :sad:

    So, what do you guys buy when you are on a lull or a purse ban?
  2. Shoes, clothes, wallets, housewares, furniture
  3. Shoes, clothes, and jewelry!
  4. Most likely shoes. After that it's small accessories, then dresses and coats and lingerie. These are my favourite things to shop!
    Non fashion items that I love to shop are books and DVDs.
  5. LOL Shoes, clothes & jewellery & anything that my kids want LOL
  6. Hear, hear!

    I buy shoes first...then it's an even split between jeans and lipgloss. Now I am on total lockdown until fall though.

    If it's non-material goods we're talking about, I probably spend more money on nice dinners out than anything else, though...
  7. Shoes and jazz cd's........
  8. I am a jeans, t-shirts and clogs or Western boots kind of gal - so I don't buy clothes that much. I only own two dresses, and have one denim skirt. Used to be a shoe addict, but since I am in out in the country and don't dress up, I no longer buy expensive shoes.

    I raise and show dogs, as well as am the breed rescue for a couple of breeds, and I am affiliated with a greyhound rescue group. Thus, my money goes to dog food, vet bills, show entries and some of the expenses toward rescue dogs staying here.
  9. ummm just clothes and the rest either goes to savings or going out
  10. Focus on other things, like right now I'm really into skin care, which is turning out to cost just as much as bags :roflmfao: Spent over a grand on skin care and makeup yesterday when I just went in for a simple moisturizer. Its so addicting!
  11. Gadgets! I love cameras, ipods, computers, psp games. I'm a bit of a geek really.
  12. I do a ton of clothes shopping...actually until last month, I mostly ONLY shopped for clothes
  13. I'd like to say clothes, but honestly most of my money goes towards feeling two ravenous dogs, one fat cat, and a bottomless pit of a fiance. Dog treats, dog toys, kitty grass, bbq accessories...
  14. fragrances. Actually I buy fragrances when I'm buying bags, too. Fragrances have #1 priority.
  15. I have two young kids, so clothes/shoes for them.