So what bag will you bring to the UK meet?

  1. I'm thinking maybe my oak Annie! What about you?:happydance::happydance:
  2. Ooooooo,dunno really,if its really warm and I dress in light colors maybe the Elgin,if its p***ing down and I wear jeans then the Babington,or the Roxanne??
  3. Between now and May I will waste hours deciding which bag!
    Dodgy time of year weather wise so if it's still wintry it might be black Alana or olive Phoebe.
    If it's sunny it might be tangerine Araline. If I've been really bad between now and then it might be red Mabel!!!
  4. erm - suppose if it's raining might go with my Antony or the ivy bayswater! ooh decisions decisions!
  5. I know! But what a delicious predicament!!!

    Sarajane if you get a Mabel you could always get it under the guise of 'market research' for the rest of us!!!

  6. How about we all try to turn up with a different bag so we cover as much of the Mulberry spectrum as poss?
    That could be my excuse for splashing out on a Mabel if no-one else has one!! Good plan eh??
  7. Fab,get it now,post pics and do a full road test! Pronto!!!xxxxxxxx
  8. I actually have a valid response to that........................................COLLONIL!!! Hahaha!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. In that case I won`t bring my Mabel -It will have to be the sommerset satchel bag then as at the moment , thats all i have got !!
  10. No Tara, you bring the Mabel and I can save myself loads of money not buying it! Would love to see yours - have I got it right in thinking it's the purple?
    I may well go down the vintage route and bring my first ever Mulberry, the congo Helier that I bought about 12 yrs ago which started my Mulberry fixation.
  11. Definately my Magenta Hanover, you can spot me a mile away!!

  12. makes me feel v conservative in my choice of bags!!!! Will be no problem picking you out from the crowd!:tup:
  13. ooooooooooooooooooooo,yummy!
  14. And I think you're Bayswater is just gorgeous!!! If you want to stand out from the crowd just put your knickers on over your Supavet tights!!!!
  15. OMG what a picture!!!:lol: