SO vernis speedy!!!

  1. theres been lots of discussion on the board about this speedy :smile:
  2. Oh, sorry. I didn't know about this:shame:

    Mods, please feel free to delete this post.
  3. actually I don't this that's SO ... as far as I recall those are LE, made for the opening of a certain Japanese store or something like that :shame:
  4. any chance the speedy will be available in US?
  5. oh jeez, that's so pretty!
  6. fantasy comes to life.... gorgEOUS!
  7. totally dont worry about it, Im sure alot of new people havent saw this :flowers:
  8. Wow, that vernis is stunning in the speedy style.
  9. i dont like it, IMHO
  10. Gorgeous! I would totally buy this if it came in pomme :love:
  11. oh that really is GORGEOUS!!!
  12. I think this in Pomme would be BEAUTIFUL!
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! But from what I've read about the light color of the vernis, wouldn't you think this would get really beat?

    Do we know if this will be available in the US? Also, do we know price?

  14. I want one in indigo!!!