So, the headband scarves?

  1. I just picked up one tonight at the outlets that has the signature print on one side in a purpleish/pinkish color and a stripe on the otherside. However, the striped side has the coach label tag. I actually like the striped side more than the signature side. Am I going to ruin the scarf if I take the tag off?;)

  2. Ruin it? Not at all! We had a thread about this earlier. Use a seam ripper or nail clippers and be careful. A lot of people remove the tags. Enjoy your purchase! :yes:
  3. pics?
  4. Yeah, I'd love to see pics, especially of someone wearing a scarf as a headband. I have been thinking that I would like one to keep my hair back in a fashionable manner. Those scarfs are so cute!
  5. Pics of the headband scarves or pics of a scarf made into a headband? LOL I have a scarf that I fold into a headband, but I just bought more like the ponytail/headband type scarf. The ponytail one is sort of wider than I'd like it, but folding it is too thin!