So that's the Marta!

  1. Just been to Shepton on the hunt for a messenger bag. I came across a saddle bag I hadn't seen before with a canvas strap. They had it in blush pink, olive green, oak, & chocolate and it was £247. Just had a look through the new stickies and there it is - Plain (Not) Jane Too has one - the Marta!
  2. ah - the beauty of stickies......
    I've posted in the Deals/Steals thread re: "Mulberry Sample Sale in NYC" that just ended last night and asked for those that purchased bags - to please post on our new stickies!
    Let's keep our fingers crossed that we get people involved.....!
  3. Yes, the Marta holds a LOT of stuff. The down side is, no pockets inside. Does not look 'western' IRL.

    I used it in Italy & Germany this summer and it got rained on big time! It's got water collonil at that time for me, Nordstroms didn't sell it. I may take pictures so y'all can see what water damaged can do to a darwin leather - well 'damaged' is too strong a word maybe just 'water marked.'

    £247 in Shepton? I got it for $995 earlier this year at Nordstroms! :sad:
  4. I was'nt really looking at the bag,I was checking the books out!!! Nice bag tho!!