So sad this is the first issue I've had with LV

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  1. I was so excited to see the adorable key fobs available online last weekend that I immediately snatched one up. I should have called the store but I didn't. Now I just received my green fob and it has what looks like a chip or place they missed on it. I know I remember seeing someone had a problem with their blue one a few weeks ago. Now I get to trek to Dallas which I hate because of traffic, and it's Texas/OU weekend too so it will take forever. Am I crazy? I wanted this because I thought it would look fantastic on my DE pieces - I hope one of the 3 stores in my area has one in stock that's perfect. I've ordered online several times & this is my first issue.

  2. I do remember another post about a chip or missing spot of paint on theirs. Maybe you can mail it to a store for exchange instead of driving thru all that? I think I have heard of the happening on the MC items too.
  3. if you are really unhappy, then return it.

    But please be aware that anything printed on mono will eventually chip... just look at the mon mono clubhouse for evidence of that.
  4. I called the 866 number & they said it would be faster to take it to the store. I know that eventually it will chip & wear but I want it to be from me using the piece. i am sure if they don't have another key fob at the store that I will be able to find something I like. Thankfully my husband has volunteered to go with me - I drive to the Dallas every day for work so I loath making the trip on weekends.
  5. I remember seeing that too on a blue one, I hoped it was a fluke. My other Kusama pieces on the Mono canvas are flawless.
  6. I hope you are able to find another one...The green is really pretty. Good luck!
  7. I hope it all works out for you in the end. I would do the same thing.
  8. Thanks guys! I hope it works out. If they don't have a replacement I won't be too broken up since I have the green speedy. I will find out tomorrow. I was hoping to get it heat stamped & use it instead of a luggage tag on my speedy b & neverfull since it really looks fantastic in person.
  9. Don't worry, there's a replenishment of the Kusama line in the next week or two. You should call your local store so they can hold one for you.
  10. Wow! My SA pretty much said once it's gone, it isn't coming back... Did they really make THAT much of the LE line?
  11. I've heard both here that there will not be any more and that there is another wave coming. I didn't even ask when I was hunting down my speedy & cosmetic case since they found my items. I was told that the blue speedy was sold out (other than ones reserved). I plan on asking when I go in tomorrow. When I got my speedy b back in September I was told that this was it but the SA's may have had updates since then.
  12. Apparently the "announcement" was released two days ago. I was also under the impression that once the inventory was done, they wouldn't produce anymore, but it sounds like yet another opportunity to score some more goodies. Shame on LV for making us wait!
  13. Well I went to try to exchange my green key fob and since there were none in my area I had to take an exchange. They only had a yellow one and I'm not a big fan of the color. I would have bought something else but my husband was being very impatient and he is only a fan of the green & blue Kusama stuff which there was none of. The green fobs are still available online but I don't want the possibility of going through the whole return/exchange game again so I really have to think about it. The green YK fob was just beautiful so I think I'll sleep on it
  14. Wow its a keychain . Don't lose sleep over it .
  15. I'll try my best, fingers crossed & everything.