So sad :( Magenta Bleecker is going back ....

  1. Well... I am having a sad day. We have hit a financial blow this month and the magenta Bleecker will be going back today. :crybaby: I have to completely replace the brakes on my car..Which I cannot believe because it only has 31000 miles on it, but thats a whole other issue! Thank goodness I never used the Bleecker.. I cannot justify keeping it since it was almost $500. I really do love it, and hopefully will be able to get it again, soon.. like maybe in December or after the holidays if I can find another ***fingers crossed***
  2. Aw, sorry to hear that! At least you haven't used it yet and it's returnable! I think you'll be able to get it later. hasn't even sold out of it yet and there are more coming out in December. And you have us here to give you lots of cyber hugs if you need them! ((hug))
  3. Aww, I feel for you! However, the brakes are way more important. I'm sure that we will all keep a lookout for it when youre ready for a new one.
  4. OH NO!!!!
    I am in the same boat as you. Just be patient and take care of what you need to, and it is good karma that you are being responsible. Trust me, you will be rewarded!:heart:
  5. tara it's ok!! you will most defenitle find it again! brakes are more important. hope everything turns out ok! :smile:
  6. Aw... well, if it puits a damper in your budget then it's not worth keeping (for now). You'll probably find later, either way, Congrats on being responsible!
  7. I am so sorry. Things happen for a reason just wait and your reward will come for your selflessness.
  8. that's right! keep your head up, you're doing the right thing. it will be there for you when the time is right, and who knows, maybe you'll get it at an outlet price!
  9. oh no! What a bummer... you are smart though to return it than to get into debt... and that is great that you haven't used it yet so you have that option. :yes: I know you will find another one when you are ready again!!! :tup:
  10. It's okay! When you're in a situation to have it, it'll actually be better because you'll know what it felt like to have to give it up. But good for you for being financially responsible!
  11. :sad: I'm sorry to hear that she has to go back, but it sounds like there will be more in later on...don't worry...I am *positive* you will have her again :yes:...!
  12. I'm sorry :sad: but at least you are doing a smart thing and hopefully you will get her again when the time is right.
  13. Dont fret! Maybe you can get it with the December PCE which means you will save at least $125 on it.

    ((HUGS)) You're safety is more important to us anyway!:yes:
  14. Aww, so sorry to hear that! Hopefully it will find its way back on your shoulder somehow...soon! :heart:
  15. I am really sorry to hear that you are taking your bag back. Don't worry you will get her again or you will find something that you like even more. By the way that Magenta Bleeker bag looked gorgeous on you.