So P*ssed...brought a new lock home yesterday and it's 2 hours away!

  1. Okay...this is a vent. I was down in San Francisco yesterday and stopped in the LV boutique to PURCHASE a replacement lock for my Cerises Speedy yesterday. I get home and open the box and the lock is already tarnished. I tried using a jewelry cleaning cloth but the discoloration won't come off and I don't have any cleaner specifically made for brass.

    The thing that really upsets me is that I called the 866 LV number and spoke to the store manager in S.F. and I'm basically SOL unless I make a the 2 hour trip to the store again for exchange. I mean it's a $30 item and it would cost me at least $6 to ship back and then they wanted me to pay $10 to have a new one shipped to me!

    This is rediculous to me. I assumed when I purchased the new lock that it would be in new condition...which to me means no tarnish. Guess I should have checked it myself.:tdown:
  2. When I bought mine I MADE sure I looked b4 hand. I would chew them a new ass. I can't believe the stuff that I read here about LV SERVICE! Anyways sorry -hug-
  3. wow.... maybe you can keep a note of this and take down the reference call number to whoever you were calling before. Then NEXT time you go to LV to buy something, tell them about this and ask for a replacement. I think most SAs will just give one to you like that for free and some of us have also gotten free locks before (my SA gave me 2 the other day). :yes: This way it'll save you the trip and shipment money.
  4. I don't know why they just didn't send you one for free!

    I remember when I lost the lock to my keepall 55, I called the store in Costa Mesa and they sent me one the very next week. I didn't have to pay anything. And I also bought my keepall at a different location
  5. brasso works wonders on the locks
  6. That makes me so mad!
    I bought an Ellipse from Tysons NM a few months back. I couldn't inspect it because I ordered it over the phone. The lock was definitely old and tarnished. I brought the bag back to the store to purchase a shoulder strap and asked them to replace the lock. I was absolutely incensed that they suggested that I purchase a new lock for my two-week old bag. I said I didn't think so and the sales person went to talk to her manager. Shortly, I was given a lock in new condition. It was obvious to me that the lock was old and had been handled many times. I also know that they do not keep the locks on the display bags.
    You could put the lock in an envelope and send it back, but I think they should send you a new lock with a pre-paid shipping sticker and when you get around to it, send the bad one back.
  7. My suggestion as well...
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. I did suggest that they give me a prepaid label to send it back to them on the first round of calls and LV said no. This seems to be a very common problem and LV really should inspect ALL items before giving them to their customers in person or remotely in mail order situations.

    I remember reading here that lots of customers get locks for free, so I was floored when they suggested me mailing it back at my expense and paying another $10 to have a new one shipped to me.

    I called the store again and spoke to another manager. She said she would send out another one via USPS mail. IF the new lock actually arrives in new condition, without tarnish, then I'll be okay. This whole experience has definately left a sour taste in my mouth...and it's over a $30 item...which I'm sure costs LV no more than $5 if even that.

    I know I can go out and get a bottle of brass cleaner, but to me it's about principle and customer service...which in this case was lacking.
  9. Sorry this happened to you and you got such a runaraound. But I can echo the Brasso idea ... I used it on my 18+ year old Speedy lock a few months ago and it looks brand new!
  10. That stinks!!!!!
  11. What's with the horrible service? I hope the new lock works out.
  12. Sorry to hear this...It really does seem that there are many people who have had bad service or quality issues lately. Has it always been like this?

    I hope the new lock is ok and I am glad they sent one out to you :smile:
  13. Because the locks are brass they just tarnish over time even if they are in the box! All of my keys for my locks are kept in their little boxes wrapped in tissue paper and they still tarnish. The lock may not be an "old" lock..brass just naturally tarnishes over time. I use a product called Gel Gloss and its amazing it makes the lock look as if it was made yesterday!! I hope your new one is perfect and your satisfied with it!! I understand why it would annoy you!
  14. I would call 866 back and tell them that the manager did nothing to help you and now this is a customer service issue in your opinion. You deserve better and I would go as far as to demand this! I would statethat a new one be sent free of charge and your return shipping fees should be covered as well because when the SA sold you the lock you trusted in good faith that the item was in perfect saleable condition, however it was not and this is essentially their issue to deal with. Let us know how it goes and don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve, you did nothing wrong in this situation. Keep us posted...