So My Listed Item Ended Without Selling, How Do I Relist (2nd Time) W/out Fees?

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  1. :smile: i have heard that if you are relisting an item that didnt sell only for your 2nd try they waive the fees?? i was wondering how i go about doing this so the fees dont get applied THANKS ALL :smile: i am very very new to selling on eBay ;)
  2. They will only waive the INSERTION FEES if your item sells at the second time.

    Just click on the item and choose the relist option. You will have to use the relist option to get that.
  3. Yep^^ It isn't quite the offer it seems when you get that email inviting you to relist. Having said that though, it is amazing how often an immediate second listing has been successful for me, so I usually do it.
  4. i agree:yes: