So my husband mourned the loss of my handbag! LOL!!!

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  1. Aww, that is cute! My DF would mourn if he found out I took on another bag. :suspiciou

    But DF did make a cute comment once on my whiskey paddy. He though it looked nice and it reminded him of a basketball. :blink: :lol:
  2. if only I can find a guy like him!! that was very cute of him to say :smile: It's nice to know they appreciate good fashion!
  3. I was quite surprise this weekend when my husband complimented me on my bag. I accused him of being sarcastic and he was a bit taken a back. Still, though, he won't go "purse shopping" with me.
  4. It was an Aaneta Bowler Bag in Dark Cognac Brown. We have a sofa that is the exact same color. :suspiciou Maybe that's why he liked it. :biggrin: Whenever we'd shop for shelving or anything to go in the family room, I'd carry that bag so that I could decide whether or not something would look great with our sofa. :shame: :lol: It was a beautiful bag, but I want something that looks less Fall/Winter. I really can't see myself wearing it next Fall, so I decided to sell it and add the money to my Cabas Piano fund.