So my husband mourned the loss of my handbag! LOL!!!

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  1. I decided to sell a certain bag of mine because I had become bored with it. I mentioned it to my husband when he got home...(BTW, he didn't buy it for me; I bought it myself. He thought it looked cool. I had no idea.:lol: )

    Him: "You sold that one? Why?"

    Me: "Yeah...I decided I didn't like it that much."

    Him: "That one looked really nice."

    Me: "Sorry.":amuse:

    Him: "The leather was nice."

    Me: :lol: "Sorry! It's gone."

    Him: :suspiciou
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  2. hee!hee! too funny...that would never happen here!!! My hubby HATES the whole handbag thing....he is the meaning of PHH!(Purse hating hubby)
  3. You poor thing!:lol:
  4. Too cute, and remember to casually mention that he's more than welcome to buy another one to replace it !! :biggrin:
  5. Awww, that's too cute. It sounds like he appreciates your bags. :biggrin:
  6. tell him if it would make him feel better, he can buy you a brand new bag. :amuse:
  7. that is funny.
  8. Too cute! lol!
  9. That's funny! My husband is so patient with my bag addiction--he accompanies me on most of my expeditions and is now able to offer an educated opinion when I'm debating a particular bag. The other day he pointed out an obviously fake Coach bag and I had to chuckle. Anyway, I seriously think he's formed an attachment to my black city bag. I'm pretty sure he'd be crushed if I sold it!
  10. awww thats so sweet....what bag were you departing with??
  11. lol, very cute.
  12. LOLOLOL! Too cute!
  13. Aaaaw...poor sweetie!!!

    I think that Jill's hubby and my fiance must be indentical twins separated at birth:lol: .
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  14. :lol::lol::lol: Love your story! And they way you told it is too cute. I know exactly what you mean by that face :suspiciou , lol!
  15. Funny!