So many dilemmas about buying my first Chanel - HELP!

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  1. So I've finally decided to get my first Chanel, and I've got to say this is the toughest buying process I've ever experienced!

    I knew from the beginning that I wanted a black classic flap with gold hardware. But there are so many other things to think about! First I had to decide what size (I've decided Jumbo, I carry a lot of crap) then what material (I've decided caviar - my husband said I'm WAY too clumsy and careless to get lambskin, and the SA at the Chanel store I tried on the bags declared "Yes, DEFINITELY caviar" when I managed to drop a bag on display :sweatdrop:) but the questions still remain, where and when to get it?!

    I've owned LV bags almost exclusively. I still love them but I've realized that it's simply not dressy enough for special occasions. Especially for a mink/silver fox coat that I've recently inherited (any PETA types, please don't attack me.) So that's part of the reason why I want a Chanel classic flap, not to mention those are simply beautiful. But the price is quite a bit higher than any LV bags I've bought - I'm definitely not used to spending $3K+ on a purse. So I'm exploring options to get it as cheaply as possible...

    Apparently there's a 15% discount for new Bloomingdale's card holders. So I called Chanel at Boston Bloomingdale's first because I saw so many recommendations about the SA there and I happen to be visiting for a few days - I thought I might as well save a couple bucks on tax! (6.25% in Boston as opposed to almost 9% in NYC, where I live.) But he told me that they're totally out of stock and the new shipment won't be until February! No bueno. So I called Chanel at NYC Bloomingdale's, and the SA there put me on the waiting list. But he has no idea when the next shipment will be - could they be getting shipments at the same time as Boston Bloomingdale's? Or does NYC Bloomingdale's get more frequent shipments? I have no idea how it works. I wouldn't worry except 1) there may be a price increase in November AND February 2) I really don't know if I would like a double flap in my Jumbo! :-s

    What should I do? Should I wait for a shipment at NYC Bloomingdale's? Should I forget about the discount, simply go to a Chanel boutique instead and get one? I would also consider buying it at eBay or other places like that, except I've NEVER done it and am a little afraid of it. Also I'd only want bags in mint condition, and it seems like those bags are almost as expensive as brand new ones!

    So the lovely ladies of Chanel forum, please help me buy my first Chanel! I promise to always adore and cherish my first Chanel and am hoping this will be first of many :biggrin:
  2. You can try to contact Bloomies in SCP, CA. They have the most frequent shipment, I believe. You can purchase the item through the phone, try to contact Erin, tell her Diera says hi ;)
  3. for current single flap, if none of bloomingdale has it now, then purchase at Chanel boutique before it gone.
  4. I'm not sure if you are a Neiman Marcus card holder, but they have a 6 month interest free payment plan and you could pay your purse off over 6 months. I also had them send my bag out to my bf's aunt who lives in a state without a Neimans and I saved over $300 in tax. So not sure if you have that option with out of town relatives??

    I'm not sure if NM gives discounts for opening a card with them, but they have amazing In Circle points, one is coming up Oct 14-17. You can use the points towards getting a matching wallet or something?
  5. diera23,
    Thank you for your great reference! Just talked to Erin. Very personable, attention to detail. She said she's expecting a new shipment in 3-4 weeks. No confirmation on price increase or double flap though. I'm No. 28 on the waiting list, apparently. I told her I'm hoping to get a single flap before the price increase - a girl can hope, right? :girlsigh:

    I *am* tempted to simply march to a Chanel boutique and get one (the SA at Newbury St. Chanel told me they had six in stock right now) but 15% off is around $500 off, which is nothing to sneeze at for this girl!

    Is Bergdorf Goodman in NYC a Neiman Marcus? I know they're related. I plan to pay for it at once anyway so the payment plan isn't a big deal to me, but I like the idea of paying less sales taxes on it! (am I awful to think this way?) How does that work? Does that go for all the chain stores, like Bloomingdale's? Thank you for the info!
  6. Skimilk:

    Yeah, I believe Bergdorf and NM are related, but I'm not 100% sure about the details on that. Maybe someone else can clarify that for us!

    For the tax, it really was helpful to save around $330. And you are DEFINITELY not awful to think that way, I know a lot of people who ship out to save on tax, even with their jewelry from high end designers like HW/Cartier!! If NM does it, and designer boutiques do it, I don't see why Bloomies wouldn't do it. I have never done it through Bloomies, (only through NM and Saks) but I have read other posters who have done so. It is common practice and many SA's offer it without you even asking.

    But you simply go to the store you are purchasing, pay for your bag (tax free :biggrin:) and the SA takes down the shipping address where you want it shipped to. (we shipped to Wisconsin where there is no NM) So you would have to ship to someone in a state that doesn't have a Bloomies store. My bf's aunt received the bag within 3 days and she paid a small fee to have it shipped out to us in CA. So I had my bag within 5 days after I purchased it at NM. Very easy and convenient!

    I hope that helps and you are able to save to get 15% off AND tax free!!!
  7. it is a good idea to save on tax, the only issue is if you are unhappy for the bag for whatever reason, that can get tricky. i, too, contacted james after finding out about him on this forum :smile: i am currently in the process of exchanging the first bag, so it's a little more difficult as i have to ship it back out. but otherwise if you are sure, it's a great idea.
  8. Miabeewee:

    You are definitely right about that re: making sure you are getting THE bag you want without further exchange!!

    I just purchased the m/l flap and decided that it was just too small for me. The SA said if I exchange for something the same exact price, she could do an even exchange without further problems. But since I want the jumbo now, she will have to repeat the whole shipping out process again so I save tax on the jumbo, which is kinda annoying. But in the end, its still worth saving over $300. :smile:
  9. Gotcha! Of course there are Bloomie's in NY, NJ, VA, and CA (where all my relatives and super-close friends live - I'm being picky 'cause well, I'm trusting someone w/ a bag worth $3K) but I may be able to ask a friend who lives in Maine. If you don't mind me asking, what shipping service did your aunt use to ship your bag to you? I absolutely don't trust UPS (lost an important package using them) - I guess FedEx is OK.

    It would be so cool to save 15% then not pay any taxes on it! Just crossing my fingers for one to show up before the price increase.

    Edited to add that I'm not too worried about exchange, etc. - that is THE bag I want! :biggrin:
  10. Skimilk:

    Yeah, dept stores are in pretty much all the major cities! That would be great if you could send it to your friend in Maine though! Neimans charged me $18 to ship the bag out, my aunt used Fedex to ship it to me and I received it overnight. That's too bad about UPS, sorry you lost your item! Yeah, I typically feel most comfortable with Fedex!

    I hope your Chanel shows up soon also so you can grab it before the next crazy price increase!!

    Good luck. Let me know if you have any other questions!!
  11. Looks like you're ready with your strategy, good luck OP :woohoo:
  12. Thank you! You ladies are the best. I would've been so lost without you guys :heart:
  13. what about a pre-loved vintage? :idea:
  14. I would absolutely consider one if...
    1) I could find the one I want (Jumbo caviar in black) in MINT condition
    2) it's significantly cheaper than a new one
    3) I can be 100% sure that it's authentic.

    Given the criteria, frankly I haven't had much luck :shrugs:

    I have looked at several websites, including eBay, and it seems like bags in good condition are almost as expensive as a new one! I was thinking I would pay up to $2K for a pre-loved bag, but the only ones I've found at that price range were not in good enough condition for me (torn leather, etc.)

    Thanks for the idea though - I do read over and over again that vintage Chanels are so much better.
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    FYI...Neiman Marcus won't waive tax anymore...rumor that all SAs who did that got fire (including 2 of my best SAs).

    If I were you I would keep searching on eBay or other places... the retail price for flap bags are rly insane now... I got my dream flap bag (from 07) from eBay this year after searching and looking for it for the logest time...I didn't pay the mark up price for it. I paid the retail price of the bag in 07 and it's brand new with tag. It's worth the wait. Just make sure to get it authenticate here on TPF... those ladies there are very helpful and kind.
    If you can afford a retail, I suggest you should just get the jumbo at Chanel retail now since you are not liking the double flap. It would be a good first experience for you too since it's your first Chanel bag and you're no. 28 on the waitlist...

    HTH & GL! ;)