so LV and Tiffany have all dropped their CAD prices, any word on chanel?

  1. it'd be nice if they drop the CAD prices too.
  2. what is a CAD?
  3. canadian dollar.
  4. Would be nice, wouldn't it?
  5. Price drop for CHANEL!? I'd greatful if they can just stop the insane price increase!
  6. i heard of T&CO. dropping their prices, but LV? by how much?

  7. thank you, forgive me for my ignorance:shame:
  8. wow that is awesome for our canadians! i wish chanel would just drop european prices instead of massively raise american prices.
  9. i'm with ally on this one! :tup::idea:
  10. Wishful thinking but with the value of the US dollar sinking like a cement block and a recession looming, we're stuck.

    How far is it to that border crossing :smile:
  11. Wow, LV dropped the prices of their bags in Canada? Is that what I'm getting from this thread? If I order from there for delivery to US do I also save on taxes? :idea: Or is that all just wishful thinking?
  12. ^^ Don't forget, your dollar is lower right now. I think you'll have to do the math to see what you can save.

    Also, prices may have dropped, but they were always ridiculously higher in Canada to begin with. So they may have dropped on par... but your dollar is of lesser value when you do the exchange rate.

    It would be like buying at your already lower US prices, but converting your money to Canadian, which means you pay more.
  13. Good thinking, ally!
  14. read this from the deal & steal forum, Chanel's price went down (?) if its true, its awsome for us canadians.
  15. LV Canadian prices have dropped like $25 for a $700 bag. The Monogram Canvas Cles was $160 CAD and is now $150 CAD. It's nothing too significant IMO.

    Let's not forget our higher taxes as well. In Ontario I'm paying 14% on top of those prices..