So I've decided to get a denim neo speedy but...

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  1. I can't decide on the color. I like lichen and fuschia. Decisions....decisions. Help me pick :hrmm:! The boutique has both colors on hold for me until tomorrow. The SA mentioned the fuschia is a limited edition color that has now been discontinued. (They only have two in this color)

    Anywhoo, I would appreciate any input. Oh, if only I could get them both :crybaby:
  2. Man, hard decision. I love both. I'm of no help, but they're both beautiful colors. Pink and green are two of my favorite colors... I have a fushia baggy GM, and RileyGirl has the fushia neo speedy which looks amazing IRL. I actually haven't seen Lichen IRL.

    Maybe decide based on which color would match your personality/wardrobe more? Lichen would look great with neutrals, I think? It's a bit more subdued.
  3. I have neo speedy in blue and it is absolutely one of my favorite bags. I think Fuschia is very pretty to look at but not sure about coordinating it with everyday outfit. Lichen is a very nice color and IMHO, much easier to wear.
  4. Lichen and Fuschia are discontinued. I love my Fuschia but would also love a lichen. You can see my Fuschi in my avatar. I get loads of compliments on it!!!
  5. lichen is more versatile...but i prefer the fuschia.
  6. Love Fuchsia! :heart:
  7. I would do fuschia. It's a bit of a pop of color. But not everyone wants that. If you want to have things toned down a bit or if lichen works better with what you would usually wear, then I would go that way. Pink is one of my fave colors so that is the deciding factor for me personally.
  8. I wear mostly neutrals and I never wear prints which is why I am torn between both colors.
  9. mine's denim blue but i think fuschia's beautiful too :smile:
  10. I'd get the Linchen!! It's such a pretty color!
  11. fuschia fuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschiafuschia

    hahaha! err, maybe lichen-IDK? hard decision!
  12. i'd get the fuschia! very pretty :love:
  13. fUCHSIA :smile: fuchsia is sooooo pretty! fuchsia fuchsia:heart::heart:
  14. Yes, like rileygirl said, Lichen and Fuschia are both discontinued. I love both colors. Would be tough to decide. Lichen is stunning IRL and Fuschia is such a fun color. Either way, it's a winner!
  15. What color is the majority of your wardrobe? I wear a lot of browns, greens, khakis, blacks, and denim. Ideally the Lichen would've been best for me (I also have a Denim Baggy) but I really wanted the fuschia because it was jus tooooo pretty. When I got the Fuschia I had to get clothes to wear with it (I like girly things but don't really wear pinks). I don't use the Fuschia as much simply because I don't really have the right colors in my wardrobe.
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