So it’s Been Awhile...A Mammabyrdie Reveal

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  1. 07D0475B-4CE3-456A-A89F-9AD635B579E0.jpeg B12AD112-A03C-4A5A-8E68-9B39B4BAAB7E.jpeg Do we still do reveals around here?
    My Epi Electric Alma MM (And it only took 10 years)
  2. She's a beauty! :loveeyes: Congrats!
  3. So pretty, congrats!!!
  4. Beautiful - Congrats!
  5. She is gorgeous. So is your little kitty. Enjoy. :smile:
  6. She’s perfect! Congratulations!
  7. So good to "see" you here again - congrats on your beautiful Alma!!
  8. Gorgeous! And congrats!
  9. Yes! A beautiful reveal. This Alma is hot. Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. Beauty! Love that shine!! That is a great bag.
  11. Thank you friends!
  12. Thanks. That’s Cookie and she is a busy bee!
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  13. I appreciate it, thank you!
  14. It’s good to “see” you too!:flowers:
  15. Opened the thread and that electric Epi hit me in the face lol.
    Congrats and enjoy! :biggrin:
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