SO in SF store is it possible??

  1. Hi ladies I wanted to ask if any of you have been able to place an SO in the SF store. I've bought lots of things from there but my SA hasnt offered me a chance to SO yet, only puts me on waitinglist and calls me if they have something. I am curious if any of you ladies have been able to place an SO in the SF store? or do they just not do SO's? confused cause I know lots of stores will do it but SF being the store that has nothing...u never know what their policy is.
  2. Don't know, but thought I'd bump as SF is my local too.
  3. Well, S'mom lives close to that store and has never had any luck. In fact, she's had better luck at other stores. I even discussed shopping at the CA stores with my SAs and even they had something to say about SF. They said stick to BH.
  4. It is my local too, and so far I have no luck at SF store :sad: