So I'm digging out my Anthracite Muse..

  1. and am wondering how I care for her? I've had this bag for several months and haven't taken her out because I'm so concerned about marring her!

    Any tips on how to keep this bag looking shiny and bright?
  2. Anyone?
  3. I don't think any special treatment is required. In fact, I'd strongly recommend against applying any kind of treatment to metallic bags. My advice is to take out your Muse and enjoy it.
  4. Just give her to me :graucho:. I really wanted the Anthracite but I missed out. I have the purple and the biscotti and I don't do anything special. When not using it be sure it place it back in its dust bag. Some ladies use Apple Guard and other lotions to protect the leather. Sometimes the age and wear on a bag gives it its beauty (KWIN). Really depends on what you like.
  5. Thanks, ladies.

    Gloss, maybe someday we'll work out a trade..I've always wanted a purple. :graucho:
  6. Grace123, any pics of your anthracite Muse? What size do you have? Also, any other reasons for not using your Muse even after months from inital purchase?
  7. I completely understand Grace's worry of hurting her muse! I feel the same way about my downtown Vichy. It is safe in her dustbag in my closet.:push:
  8. :lol: good one!
  9. I took my anthracite Muse out for heavy rotation in December and I have to say, she's doing very well! I haven't applied any treatment whatsoever - I'm afraid to do that with metallic leather.
  10. I feel the same way about my taupe Muse. I feel like I'll absolutely hate it if I get even once scratch on it.
  11. Sorry, I totally missed this post before. My two girls are pictured below, both are the large. Ana Muse has actually been OUT since I posted this. :nuts: I just said WTF and loaded her up and off we went on a pretty snowy day and no repercussions. I tend to treat my bags like they're works of art or something. LOL
    Muse.jpg Muse%201.JPG
  12. They're both lovely. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  13. I sprayed mine with apple guard when I received it and I think it's helped protect against scratches, which metallic leathers are sometimes prone to. I haven't sprayed it again--just the one time, but I have a lot of bags and don't carry any one bag all that often.