so, if I don't want a Paddington

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  1. What should I set my sights on? As i said previously, once obtained, the next one is high priority - I know I'm on the website that understands this constant quest.
  2. I was wondering myself! There are great bags out there, but I can't tell what's going to be the next "it" bag. Sounds like the paddington and spy are still relatively popular.
  3. Maybe Meg can answer this one ;)
  4. What about a birkin or a kelly? Those are always classic. Too bad those darn things take so long to come in! Bastards.
  5. I heard that Hermes will not be taking anymore orders for Birkin.
  6. When is that going to start?
  7. Already started, why don't u check at your end.
  8. Hmm probably because Hermes is closed here? I wouldn't have asked you if they were still open.
  9. Oops, didnt know that. As for here in S'pore they hv stopped taking orders. So, prices for 2nd hand ones hv shot up quite a fair bit.
  10. The last time I was @ Hermes was a week or two ago and the SA told me that the list has been closed since 1999, but didn't say that it would never reopen.
  11. My mom just got a chocolate birkin in Hong Kong last week while travelling there and she never ordered. Well she ordered in Singapore but it never came. Lucky for her... Oooh I'm so jealous. :evil: Since she already got a birkin, I'm going to steal her Hermes canvas bag when I'm going back this december :nuts: