So I went to buy a black bag......reveal


Oct 11, 2009
Yesterday, I just HAD to buy a black bag. I have been lusting and waiting for the Edie, but after seeing Tag's pics I wasn't sure.

So I went to SM and had kind of decided I was going to buy the black maggie there ( I love my stone one) not terribly exciting but it was BLACK.

They had a black daria which I mused over, plus others....but decided on the maggie & took her to the till. WHEN I saw her......sat behing the counter. I thought somone else had nabber her & had put it back.

BUT NO :nuts: she was free & she was mine & it is love :yahoo:

I present to you my beautiful alexa, it's the lovliest one I've seen, it was a sub cos she has the tiniest of scratches on her buttom. This pic is with flash, she's not that shiny!!!!



Jan 30, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Oh Julie, it's simply a gorgeous bag! Is that a regular or OS? You're so lucky to get the Alexa with such a smooshy, gorgeous leather! Did you get good price for it?

I'm still waiting for my ink one to arrive at the moment from a lovely tpf er. I cant wait!