So i was thinking about converting to Balenciaga..

  1. But i don't know what bag to start with!
    I have 6 LV's various sizes but i need a everyday bag but and maybe be able to fit on my shoulder.
    i'm a teenager so i want something sorta fun yet classic and wont go out of style.
    I would search the forum but i have no idea what to search for!
    Could anyone give me some info about Balenciaga.
    The price ranges?
    What bag might suit my needs?

  2. ^ Ooh ok i will take a look at that thread!
  3. If I can add my 2 cents... if you're a teen-ager, I think a First would also be nice. Sometimes it could be too small? Well... it would just be the first of a new collection! :graucho:
    I think a caramel (or black, or tomato, or sienna.......) first would be nice and versatile. Just my opinion. :smile:
  4. The "day" might also be nice. Roomy and kind of funky and fun.
  5. Tell us the type of colours that you like?
  6. Kaiie!! A familiar tPFer! -waves-

    I'm thinking of converting to Balenciaga too LOL. I tried on a First the other day at Neimans and let's just say I was obsessed from there... :roflmfao: Apparently twiggers is also a Balenciaga convert? I read it in her signature... :graucho:

    I hope you get your first Bbag for me, they're a bit pricy so I'll have to wait a while.
  7. I don't think that the First is the most useful of bags but I kind of suspect that it is the cutest and most desirable.

    (I have just tracked down a late Vert Gazon First to sort out my longing for a frivolous bright little bag but I yearn for a wild red one too.)
  8. My DH loves that color! The leather looks yummy.
  9. Hehe HIYA!
    Yep Twiggers is converting to!
    so i thought i would come and see what all the fuss was about and sorta fell in love lol!:nuts:
    I think your sorta around my age to?!

    Oh and as for colours i love Blues,Greys and greens!
    so i don't really know the Balenciaga colours or anything really!
    Thanks for all the advice everyone!
    i'm going to browse some pictures now see if anything catches my eye!
  10. HA I caught you HEEHEEHEE

    sell em all Kaie....come on over...wheres Sophie? LOL

    Oh...maybe we could convince Claire & Mara too! LOL
  11. ^ LOL Twiggers you havent seen me here! Sshh :ninja:
    Sophie is the one that convinced me to come over and have a look at some Balenciagas!
    Ha before you know it Balanciaga forum will be swarming with former LV addicts!
    I still LOVE Lv ;)
    Hmm something must be in the air everyone is slowy coming to Balenciaga!
    Next HERMES :nuts: LOLOL!
  12. HEEHEE....we'd all be so broke if we hit up Hermes LOL

    Here is actually worryng about constant price increases!

  13. Haha!! Here's Sophie here's Sophie!! *waving*!!!

    OMG, I cannot believe I would ever see you here Kaiie, what happened to, eh I love LV too much?!:nuts:

    Im in shock!! Ooh im gonna tell Marcus!! He will be losing two customers!!

    Ok, you should get a city imo, love my city! Any colour from the blue range is gorgeous, obviously cornflower is the best!
    But seriously, any colour, you cant go wrong!! Ooh do i see a Bal shopping trip to Selfriges coming up?!
  14. ^ LOL Hiii sophie :nuts:
    Haha i just thought i might aswell check it out!
    Marcus said where is only like kind constant customers!
    I want a green one or red!
    i have been looking at some pictures and woah the greens hot oh and obviously the blue :love:
    Ima blame you sophie if i become poor!
    HA yep maybe!

    & Twiggers give it a month or two A Hermes bag will catch your eye and BAM lol!