So I saw Inside Man tonight...

  1. Jodie Foster carries two Birkin bags throughout. One is red and the other is black!!:biggrin:
  2. Cool! Was the movie good? I've been wanting to see it...
  3. It was really good. Hilarious! Clive Owen, Denzel...mmmmmmm....
  4. I watched that movie last sunday, and I loved the bags! Especially the red one, even my husband liked it! The movie was really good too...
  5. yup, the size of the birkins are huge but she carried it well and I was drooling over the birkins. :lol:
  6. This is off subject but Daisylove I really love your avatar! It's so cute and I'm a die hard Carebear fan:love:
  7. Same here, during the movie, i kept turning over to my bf and said: "she's carrying a birkin", although i bet he didn't know what was i talking a/b.
    I love the red one.
  8. The one scene where she's walking with the old rich guy who owns the bank in some killer heels and the black birkin - PRICELESS!! She looked like a true blue power woman!
  9. I haven't seen the film yet, but I found online this beautiful pic of one of the Birkins she carries. Wonderful :love:
  10. Yup! I leaned over to FH and said 'that's a Birkin!'.

    His response "How much will it cost me???"
  11. I noticed that too - and I pointed it out to the people I was at the movies with and they all looked at me like I was crazy. So happy to have this forum and realize I'm not the only "crazy" one.
  12. Yep! Jodie Foster looked AMAZING in that role! Just amazing! The Birkins are un-be-lie-va-ble in that movie!

    As I stated on another thread regarding the movie, I will never be able to tell you what was being said when ever those Birkins were on the screen! They could have been talking about my momma for all I know! I was FIXATED on her bags and drooling into my box of Goobers!
  13. LOLOLOLOLOL I know!! I can't stop staring at the red one, and I'm not even a birkin-person (well at least not yet, I've been checking out the Hermes section to learn to apreciate it more)

    As for the movie itself: LOVE it! I thought it was pretty smart, well made movie, which I haven't seen much lately coming out of hollywood. Clive Owen (and the role he played) was great!
  14. Red!? [drool] I think. . .I'm having a heart attack. Man, I will never be able to afford a Birkin.
  15. i hope the movie is gooooooood..
    have been wanting to watch it..
    i read the reviews and it wasn't too good it said..
    yumm to the birkins...