So I got the Posh JJ Bowler (Bordeaux)...

  1. And I'm going to return it. I love the color and the shape, but it's just not for me.

    Here are my complaints/dislikes: I don't like the opening - there is a double zip and if you open one, you have to open the other side too (unless you cut the leather connecting the two zipper pulls). Then when it IS zipped open, the flap either flops outside of the bag, or you have to push it inside...or zip it right back up.

    The straps are really thick...this is nice for comfort on the shoulders, but they don't sit right for me. And I know this sounds really, really dumb...but the leather squeaks. Especially the straps. I can't take that at ALL.

    While I'm not a HUGE fan of double straps, I do okay with the Stella and Blake...maybe because the straps are rolled or flat and thin.

    I think I will return this and get the Cardovan Totally Turnlock Faridah (if I can still find it!).
  2. I just got it too, and I might return it to for a lot of the same reasons. I don't like the straps. I have other turnlock bags that have the same handles, but this leather is kind of stiff to have such thick handles. I could live with the opening, but the flap does stick out funny from the back

    I LOVE the color, but I think it might look better on a more sophisticated bag. I think I'm going to return this one and keep my eye out for a blake in bordeaux or a Botkier Sasha Duffle in bordeaux.

    All that said, if you like the style, the color is TDF!!!
  3. Dawn! I'm so sorry the bag didn't work out for you! I can totally understand your concerns - they were the same ones I had when I first saw the bag, especially the double zipper opening!

    I hope the Faridah will work out for you. Keep us posted! :smile:
  4. Sorry the bag didn't work out for you two. I've had my J.J. for several weeks now, and I'm still loving it!

    I like the top zippers. As I mentioned in another thread, its possible for quick access to just unzip one side about half way--even though there's a strip of leather connecting the two zippers. Then I just reach my hand in and grab my wallet or whatever I need.

    Good luck finding something else you like better. :flowers:
  5. thanks for the review! I know this bag is really popular but it's good to hear about the functionality of it. Too bad it didn't work out, the bag is so adorable to look at! But you're right, bags aren't to be displayed, they should be used!
  6. Have you thought about the multipocket? It really is a great bag!!:cutesy::cutesy: