So I did alittle shopping....

  1. I didn't break my ban at all. I had alittle mini shopping spree...spent no more than $100.00. I've been tortured looking at the gorgeous bags & accessories you all have been receiving, I felt left out. I got the flower charm last week but added it in this photo. I went to the Leesburg outlet & just picked up the metallic lilac mini skinny, then stopped by Dulles Town Center & went to a few stores. Oh yea Victorias Secret is have a great sale (semi-annual clearance) bras are 50% off & panties were only like $3.00.
  2. i like the skinny, how much is it?
  3. I got that same bra this weekend! :lol: Cute mini! I wanna get that flower charm, too.
  4. Love the LOVE SPELL!!! And are those Juicy Earrings?
  5. If those are Juicy earrings, where did you get them?? I've been wanting some sooo bad.
  6. It was $30.00 w/ an additional 20% off...I think it was $24.00.
  7. Bethy-That bra is so cute & young. I love the lacy detail!

    Kiari-Yes they are:yes: The Love Spell scent is delicious!

    Mel929-I got them at Nordstrom at Dulles Town Center in VA. These are pink I haven't seen them online or in other stores, I've only seen the white rhinestones. They were $45.00, if you have a Nordstrom close by check there if they don't have any in maybe they can do something like a chargesend!?:shrugs:
  8. Thanks so much, I'll have to check Nordstroms in my area! :smile:
  9. I almost got that skinny the last time I was there! I regret not getting it! Maybe next time.

    good buys!
  10. i love the lilac bag and mini skinny i have the same Hamptons bags but the smaller one i wanted the large one but the store had sold out of them.
  11. very cute buys! I love the earrings.
  12. The skinny is really cute, i love the purple. Congrats everything looks gorgeous.
  13. Love everything you got!! I need to go get one of those bras!!
  14. Everthing is very nice and you were able to pull it off at a great price.