So I coudn't resist ... here they are!

  1. Ok after having gone back and forth on it I finally ended up ordering the Miu Miu ruffled boots.
    I have not given up on the CL's but still try to find them for a bid under retail.
    Sorry about the dirty mirror...:shame:
    I am not shure yet if I will keep them since I do have a pair that is very similar in style and color and they are a little big but nothing you can't undoe with a little extrasole.
    But I must say the leather really is divine!

    P1010059.jpg P1010062.jpg 820_5007_007.jpg
  2. Love it!!!
  3. Nice!

  4. I love these boots! I'm so tempted to buy then in the flat version! They look great on you. You're making them hard to resist LOL.;)
  5. I really like these boots. I think you made a great choice. They look amazing on you! congrats!
  6. They look really great on you!!
  7. :love: too cute. love and want them!!!
  8. You look totally hot in those boots and skinnies.
  9. Very cute!
  10. Love them! You wear them well
  11. I wish I could wear boots with tucked-in jeans. My thighs are not my best feature. You look fantastic in those boots.
  12. wow i'm so glad i voted for these! They looking amazing!!!!!:tup::tup::tup:

  13. Thanks lady's I really like them but the zipper is a little hard will see if my cobbler can fix it if not they have to go back.:sad:

    Would be sad since the leather is just wonderful and so soft, you should really go for it!
  14. So sad phh :crybaby:they just went back the zipper on one of the boots was slightly defective and would soon need to be thru miu miu would be 4 to 6 (which can meen 8) weeks grhhhh . I live in the South of France by then I hope i won't wear boots anymore and my cobbler can't get the exact same zip.
    It wasn't ment to be but I regret them.
  15. They're beautiful!