So....How would I go about buying an Edith (medium or large)?

  1. It sounds like it is rather tough even to track a bag down to buy. I am very tempted and would like more information.
  2. When I finally decided I wanted an Edith I was able to secure two in 2 weeks! You just have to be tenacious. One weekend I sat down in front of the Saks, NM and Nordstrom websites and called every location in my area. In some stores I had the SA's put it on locator. For about 3 days it looked like I wasn't going to secure my whiskey Edith. :cry: Then I received a call from a Saks who just "stumbled" upon a whiskey in the back room! :amazed: She called me imediately and I was able to ship to me. It ended up being the most pebbly, smooshy Edith ever! However, I wanted to order another one to make sure I wouldn't miss out on a potentially better Edith (because some Edith's are not pebbly but smooth and not smooshy but erect). So I checked constantly and one day they had a whiskey Edith available! I snatched it up.

    So then I had TWO whiskey Ediths that looked VERY different from each other! One was smooshy and pebbly, one was erect and buttery. I kept the smooshy distressed one and sent the stiff one back to NM. Some people prefer the smooth buttery Ediths...and some like the distressed version. Depending on which one you pick it is a very different bag (in my opinion).

    So in the end.....they may be hard to get but keep trying!!! If I were looking for an Edith now I would wait until the fall. The ones you will find in the stores now might be returns. Although I guess it would depend on whether or not someone returned it because it was too "distressed" or if it was too "stiff". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    Also some colors are harder to find than others. The whiskey seems very hard to find. The Chamois seems to be the easiest.
  3. My Neimans always has one, give NM a try!
  4. NM online had two the other day (choco and whiskey) I have seen the large size show up on their site more often lately than the med. You just have to check several time a day:smile:
  5. You should be able to find one, NM seems to be the best source for them right now. What color are you looking for? The ladies here are a great source and will alert you when they see one that is available.
  6. I would only prefer the large because it is a shoulder bag. seems to me that the fall collection will have mediums with longer straps. Have I understood correctly? As for color, I tend to prefer browns. Lastly, I thought that if I wanted a Fall bag, I would have to start now or are they not even available for pre-order?
  7. I have seen the large ones in the chamois color (which is beautiful by the way) but have never seen a large in the other colors. Has anyone else? I can't recall but I'm sure someone has mentioned seeing one here at some point...
  8. On the new edith for fall -we're all screwed link there is a picture of one from LVR.
  9. I saw a large in whiskey at the saks in chevy chase Maryland, it may still be there. :biggrin:
  10. I saw a large in chocolate at Nordstrom - The Grove about a week ago, give them a call!
  11. I would like to ask, Is 1600$ US for an Edith too much?
    I dont know the retail on this bag thus my question.
  12. Medium is $1275
    Large is $1720

    $1600 is too much for the medium and good for a large.
  13. ~^^~ thank you for the reply, it gives me a base to work with while looking.
    thanks again.
  14. i saw a edith at the Saks in the Houston Galleria today! I have no idea what size it is or the color, but I am SURe it is still there! give them a call!