so, how is mirage doing? who's bought?

  1. i know it isn't the official release date for the other mirage bags yet, but it doesn't seem to me like anyone is having problems getting mirage speedy. is anyone having trouble? wishing they waitlisted and now can't find one? is it just not that popular, or are they not that limited...? it'd be nice if we can compile a list of everyone who's purchased a mirage speedy.

    lol i'll start. as of tomorrow, 9/14, my bordeaux mirage speedy is coming home with me :yahoo:
  2. I just discovered the bag and am going to try to find one tomorrow, so I hope some are available without being waitlisted!
  3. ^^^ good luck :smile: i have a feeling it won't be too hard. what color do you like?
  4. Mine just came in the mail yesterday....took her out today! LoVing her!! Oh and I got the Noir! :tup:
  5. picking mine up on saturday (9/15). apparently there were only 4 speedies brought in (no bordeaux either).
  6. I just got my Bordeaux this afternoon! Love it, love it!

    My SA told me that they only received one Noir and one Bordeaux (mine!!) which they sold right away. She didn't know if they will be receiving any more shipments but five people are on the waitlist for the bordeaux.

    Not too many people know of these Speedies yet, but I suspect that once they do, it'll go fast. At least faster than the Dentelle Speedies which I see are still around many many months after their release.
  7. I am thinking abt the same thing ... I have one charged in San Francisco for me .. but I havent got a call from HK yet.. em.. I am really confused right now and dont know what I should do ?
    I am thinking if I should wait for those in HK or should I just go ahead and charge send the other one ...
  8. i guess once non PFers know about it they should go. have to admit that PFers find out about stuff sooooo early that even the SAs usually have no idea what we're talking about once we inquire. lol so when the "general public" (AKA non-PFers lol) finds out i think they'll be popular. i hope, i love the bag but i want it to be hard to get. lol. i saw 2 noirs in nyc on saturday, but no bordeaux even though someone said there was one in the window, and SA called to tell me they have one on hold for me in the city. i'm going to atlantic city to get mine tomorrow morning, i will look to see if they have any, or ask if i don't see any. just seems like PFers had such issues getting miroir lockits even when we knew about them so early.
  9. i'd go with whichever one will allow you to have it fastest...
  10. Well... mine is the bordeaux. It is still being held hostage at LV! They won't let me have it until Sat. There were 15 people on each list (different list for each color) and the got ONE in each color! The girl that waitlisted for the noir wants mine, but NO WAY!

    I think it is pretty limited and I don't think they will be around long...
  11. ^^^ wow, longest lists i have heard about yet. that sucks they won't let you have it till saturday! the release date was officially moved up to monday so that's strange. are you in the US or no? haha, which girl that listed for the noir wants yours? the first girl on the noir list? and she decided she likes the bordeaux better? haha. that's funny.
  12. k, counting me so far in this thread there's 6 speedies being bought for sure.
  13. I think there'll be more calls going out today on these
  14. I got my noir on monday 9/10. It was the first noir my boutique received. My SA told me they were expecting just 3 each noir and bordeaux.
  15. I just got the noir...Im unsure whether Im keeping it.Its more structured due to the patent seams on it and I like smushier less structured bags..........
    Its beautifully made though and the colors are tdf.