So here it is - new Epi Petit Noe in Kenyan Fawn!

  1. Thanks everyone - pressed buy it now and its mine!! Had Carol authenticate it and its good! I think perhaps nobody realized it was there because he had spelled it "petite" instead of "petit". Either way - its great for me!! What do you think??
    kenyan1.jpg kenyan2.jpg kenyan3.jpg kenyan4.jpg kenyan5.jpg kenyan6.jpg kenyan8.jpg
  2. WOW!! Loriw you did GREAT on that bag!! I love that color. Good Job at a low price.
  3. What a nice seller. I had originally asked if he would accept $350 (the buy it now was $375) and he said to use buy it now and he would waive the shipping and insurance AND he is refunding the rest so that i'm only paying $350!! What a very cool guy!!
  4. I really like this color! Congrats on your purchase!
  5. I love it! Fantastic price, too! :o) Congrats!
  6. congrats! beautiful bag and great price too!
  7. That is an AWESOME deal!!! STUNNING bag!!! GREAT color!!!:love: CONGRATS!
  8. Thank you everyone - I'm so excited!!
  9. Oh and LV additct! It was your pic of your Petit Noe that did it for me!!
  10. Congrats! Beautiful purse and I just love that color! :biggrin::heart:
  11. Awesome bag and great deal!
  12. I am so jealous and happy for you at the same time!
  13. Lori,
    We're Epi Noe sisters, and I think we both got good deals! I found an older black one sold by a mypoupette seller, and I paid about the same ($325 w/shipping). If I love the shape as much as I hope I will, I may break down and buy a new red one...

    Congrats on your new bag!!
  14. Lori ~ What A Fabulous Bag!!!! It's In Perfect Condition!!!!! What A Price, Too!!! Congratulations!!!

    ***This Is The Time To Buy.....All My Years With eBay (Which I Rather Forget! J/K! Ha!).......Summer Is The Time To Buy Up. There Is Much To Choose From (ie. Vs. xmas time).......But, I Have Got The Best Merchandise, Best $'s....No Hassles........Very Few, If No Other Bidders..............As For The Rest Of The Year...No Fun! :smile:
  15. Wow! Great deal and a great bag!!! Congrats and enjoy!