So far from YSL!

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  1. I'm sure that some of you are in the same boat as i am- the nearest YSL boutique is a 5+ hr drive away!!

    I am in tampa/sarasota area (of florida), and i have begun to really like YSL both clothing and accessories/shoes, but the only time i have ever been able to actually see anything IRL is at the cabazon outlets in palm springs, and at the birger christensen boutique in copenhagen. I havent been to new york in a while, and was all about the LV when i was there...

    sadly the closest boutique is in miami. There is a boutique in naples that carries YSL, but does so along with a huge list of other designers...and i doubt it carries menswear. I just know that YSL will have a sale near or after christmas, and the only place in tampa that will have anything of interest for sale will be gucci (but no RTW).

    just feeling desperate, like i might go to miami on a whim...(and wishing i lived in LA or NY)
  2. Awww (((hugs))). Wish you were here where I work in NY. I'm one block away from YSL on 57th street.
  3. aww thanks!
  4. Ok, totally ignore this response. Just read through the rest of your post and realized you are looking for MENSWEAR!! (A little ADD right now...) But still, you might want to give NM a call....

    I was just in NM in Orlando and they have all the bags displayed. Isn't that like an hours drive?

    NM at the Mall at Millenia... check it out! They just started to carry YSL. They are displaying all muse sizes and colors, Rive gauche in black, sapin and brown and the cute doctor bag. There were a few others that I didn't pay much attention to...
  5. yeah i might have to see whats going on over there ;) the NM in tampa doesnt carry YSL bags, and i havent been to the saks in forever, but im doubting it...

    sadly i dont think many people in tampa even know what a YSL bag looks like :rolleyes:
  6. if it makes u feel any better.. nearest YSL to me is a country away!!:roflmfao:
    but at least Harvey Nicholes carry some here.. but i dont like phoning them since they are always clueless about what they have!! i have to go in person to check out things! and rarely do i do so!!

    so ya we are in the same boat :shrugs: hope u find what u are looking for.. and when u do.. stock up ;)