So excited....

  1. About 3 weeks ago My Fiance and I moved into our new house.

    And I was just so excited about how great of a view we have from our backyard, I wanted to share it with everyone!!!

    Gotta love Florida!:tup:

  2. I love the view!! Congrats
  3. is like a postcard view. Have a wonderful time in your new home. What part of Florida?
    We lived in so many places but my favorite was Jupiter and then Hobe Sound. In Hobe Sound we had a house with a screened in pool and view of the lake. It was so pretty and not to mention no neighbors......
    I wish you the best. You must be so happy waking up each day to the sun and seeing the sunset every night.
    Post more pictures as you decorate. Would love to see the inside too.
  4. We live in West Palm, so not too far south of Jupiter!!! It's very nice up there too. And as far as the decorating goes, that's another story lol.... so much to do!
  5. That's so very pretty! :heart::girlsigh:
  6. Congratulations! What a beautiful view to look at everyday. Enjoy!!!
  7. Wow, you view is amazing! Congratulations!! I'm so jealous!! Where did you guys move to?
  8. West Palm, we actually already had lived in the same development but found a great house only 4 streets over!!! Can't get better than that lol
  9. wow, that's gorgeous!!! I need to move to Florida! The view out of my backyard is the house behind me. lovely.
  10. wow! you have a beautiful view. :drool:congratulations!
    makes me wish that I wasn't caught in a snow storm in ny for sure. . .:sos:
  11. Congrats, great photos!!
  12. It's stunning! CONGRATS to you and your fiance!
  13. How lovely! You're so fortunate. And congratulations too!
  14. Stunning! Congrats!
  15. Candace, how I envy your view right now! PA is in the middle of a snow storm right now. No Coach sandals for my feet you lucky girl! My great aunt lived in Jupiter and I was there for the first time two years ago when we moved her back up here to PA.
    She was in a nursing home there , can't remember the name, but it looked like a resort /spa! Beautiful area! Congrats on the new home! BTW , have you always lived in FL??