So even though I'm supposed to be on ban...

  1. I have found 2 great brown bags that I'm debating on getting. I have come across them, and need everyone here's advice! They are between the 04 Marron and then 06 Truffle. They are used, but very loved and well taken care of and the leather looks super yummy! AND the price is right! But I'm a little scared about ordering preloved b/c i've gotten all my bbags brand new. Here are some pics and you lovely PFers can help me decide! TIA!

    04 Marron:


    06 Truffle:
  2. 04 Marron is a true treasure. I'd jump on that one!
  3. I actually like truffle better.
  4. They're both really nice! The Marron looks like it might have less wear on the corners? I really like the Truffle colour though too. Yeah, buying a bag new is always preferable to me, but you just can't do that for the older colours you want. You definitely need to be okay with there being some imperfections and wear. AND if you aren't a smoker, check to see if it comes from a smoke-free house. My first Ink City smelled faintly like smoke when I got it (I forgot to ask about that!) and it always bothered me.

    Which one are you leaning towards?
  5. I'm leaning towards the Marron because its got some depth to know, KWIM? it's not just "brown" its a deep reddish brown...something a little different.
  6. 04 Marron! The leather looks amazing...I have heard the Marron bags have the most amazing leather, even compared to other 04 bags!
  7. I like the marron better.
  8. i kind of like the truffle better. the marron just looks a bit too used and slightly dirty but that could just be the lighting or the camera. it's a beautiful color though.
  9. The color of the Marron looks so rich! The handles look rather dark though...
  10. I looooove the marron! :drool:
  11. Pshhh, what ban?! I say go for the marron--it is deliciously rich and deep! Good luck with the decision!
  12. The leather on the Marron is TDF!!:nuts: The color is so very close to Sienna!
  13. I like the Marron one better and the leather is TDF.:tup:
  14. I love Marron, the undertones makes it look soooo yummy. Brown but not quite!!! I know you were thinking of a Day, maybe you should hunt for one. I carried mine today & I love love love it. I think I might need more Days...after my ban!
  15. I'd go with 04 Marron. That color is so saturated, unique and rare. 04 also has its best leather. Lucky you!