SO confused!!!!Long but really need your help!

  1. I can only get 1 bag (I have 2 mono speedies, 2 mono wallets and a pochette 15) for quite a while. I go back and forth and back and forth and then I see something else to throw another wrench into my already LVinsanity moment. So, at this particular moment it's between the pomme roxbury or the beverly clutch. My left side of the brain says (regarding the pomme) when are you ever really gonna use it? It's too dressy to use as a casual day bag. Then my right brain side says, well it's the most gorgeous color ever. Where will you ever find another red bag that gorgeous? And you can carry it to work. And won't it look gorgeous during the Christmas holidays? The left side again (this time regarding the clutch). How often are you really gonna carry a tiny bag? You're always carrying that Speedy. Right side. But it's so cute. What if you wanted to just run and get a bite? See how confused I am Roxbury people: Do you really use it? Do you regret buying it ever? ? Is there a LV Doctor in the house? Can anybody help me?
  2. Get the Roxbury :yes:
    It's G O R G E O U S !!! :love:
  3. Pomme roxbury:love:
  4. Ohhhh .... get the Pomme Roxbury! :love:

    Pomme is just so BEAUTIFUL and the style of the Roxbury is 2DIE4! :drool:
  5. Roxbury in Pomme d'Amour! It's beautiful bag for all your special occasions!
  6. roxbury! i see your problem... but if you REALLY dont like it, you can return it for the clutch. but i think you are gonna keep it ;)
  7. ROXBURY!!!! Pomme is not my fav colour, and if you want to tone down the "hotness redness" of it cuz you said that it's too dressy, then perhaps you can consider the noisette colour? Anyway, whatever colour you choose, I'll give you my thumbs up!:biggrin:
  8. I have the Pomme Roxbury. I LOVE it. It is very can use it as a handheld for dressy times, or a shoulder bag for more casual. I have had mine for several months and have only used it once...but mostly due to the crappy weather here. I am a dress-down kinda gal....and I still find ways to wear it!
  9. I say the Pomme roxbury...........You have alotta mono, and i think you need some color
  10. Get the Roxbury
  11. pomme roxbury! i was considering this one as well because it's so unique and versatile. and who says it can't be casual! i think it will look great w/ casual clothes. i think you'll love it.
  12. pomme roxbury def
  13. I'd go with the Roxbury. However, if you want the pomme but a larger bag, how about the Houston or Brentwood? :graucho: The pomme is such a beautiful color.
  14. Pomme Roxbury
  15. Roxbury in Pomme.. b/c I believe the Berverly will be around for a while so you can always purchase it in the future!