So Bummed! My Clementine Selma came Damaged!


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Nov 13, 2007
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i've been keeping an eye out for an orange selma for what feels like forever! they are so hard to come by.

the other day, i stumbled upon a clementine selma on PM for $145! I offered $100 fully expecting a counter offer, but the seller accepted!!! I was ecstatic.

Well, imagine my surprise when the bag a box that was WAY too small. Additionally, the bad was not protected AT ALL, and it looks like the ink from the inside of the box bled onto the purse!

I tried to remove the black marks (all over the bag, but especially on the front and side) to no avail. and the purse will NOT go back to the right shape no matter how hard i try!

the seller and i went back and forth for a bit before poshmark stepped in, offered me $20 to keep the bag. i declined, so they are giving me a full refund once the bag is returned.
i am going to video tape me packing the bag back up. i am also going to be shipping it back in the same box.

sooo upset. guess i'm still on the hunt.

(photos in next post)