so black KP---how versatile do you think it will be?

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  1. I put my name down for the So black KP and am hopeful that I might be able to get it. Was planning on using it from day (like daytime lunches) to evening, even perhaps more formal events (because of the lack of colored hardware thought it would be easy to match with any of my more formal jewelry, and wouldn't compete). Do you agree? How would you wear it? For what kind of dress? Would I be better off with a croc KP (currently don't own an exotic KP)?
    I'm not someone who collects many different KP's to match different outfits.

    TIA for your advice!

    Oh, and here's a pic for reference:
  2. I think it would be perfect Kipp!!!:flowers:I have a Maharani and I love it because of the no hardware. I also have a KP in exotic and I find the hardware is a problem sometimes, unless you get a SO Black Croc KP!!!:graucho:I would go for the SO Black KP for sure!:tup:
  3. Thanks, Julide! :hugs: I appreciate your weighing in on this. I was afraid that I'd have a very expensive croc KP and then end up not being able to wear it with quite a few of my things... though your idea of the so black croc KP is a great one (don't think my name is on the list for this version LOL though I wouldn't argue if I were).
    BTW, I love the Maharani! It is a gorgeous bag and not commonly seen. :heart: Lucky you!
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    I would take a SO black KP in box over a croc one any day! I think it would be perfect. Hope you get it!
  5. Thanks Kipp!!:flowers:I really think that the SO Black will be perfect for you!! Croc or Box!!:P
  6. Thanks so much, irishlass and Julide! Hope I am able to get it!
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    kipp, would recommend that you get the So Black Box KP (it's so limited) and at another time, a croc KP in a bright colour with PHW or GHW (I have never seen hardware clashing with the gorgeous jewellery ladies wear! What one wears on the ears and neck is just too far away to make a connection, IMO. And never look bad in pictures either!) A bright croc is good for luncheon and night use. In the evenings/nights, if you'd already be in dark colours like black, a contrast from a brightly coloured croc KP would just be perfect. Else, the black croc KP blends in and can't be seen (and when you want to be understated, you can whip out the So Black Box KP)
  8. mrssparkles, I was actually hoping that you would chime in here!!! Thank you for your opinion! :hugs: I am even more psyched about the So Black box KP now!
  9. I think the SO Black KP would be a wonderful addition to any bag collection!

    It would be a very understated bag for evening and a very chic clutch for day. Perhaps do as MrsS suggests - go for a bright color croc KP, as well as the SO Black? ;)
  10. pyrexia, what can I say? Great minds (i.e. you and mrssparkles) think alike? Thanks for your input, too!
  11. You're welcome, kipp. You will bring us all so much joy by doing a reveal when you get your So Black Box KP:woohoo:
  12. pyrexia knows what she's talking about. ;)
  13. mrssparkles, if I am fortunate to receive this, you can bet I will be thrilled, and thrilled to do a reveal here!:biggrin:

  14. I hope my SA knows what I'm talking about when I drop hints! :P