So Angry!

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  1. Has anyone ever bought anything from threadless? I put in an order for a shirt to give my boyfriend for Christmas on Dec. 12. They charged my card on Dec. 13 and I got an emailing saying my order would be shipped soon. I went to check on the order last night and couldn't find the email in my inbox anymore so I went to their website. They have NO record of my order!! But they charged my card!!!!! I sent them an email and they had an automated reply daying they'd get back to me within 3 DAYS! Christmas is in less than a week and I ordered it with plenty of time!! I called their customer service line and they said any order inqueries had to be handled through email becuase they don't offer "official phone support". This is the second order in the past few months they've totally messed up on. I would AVOID this company!
  2. Oh dear. How terrible!! I would get my C/C co. to reverse charges immediately and try and find a replacement present with whatever time is left.
  3. And what made me evern angrier was that I called their "customer service" phone number and it's an answering machine!! But not only can you not talk to a real person, their inbox was full and I couldn't even leave a message!! :cursing:

    I know I'll get the $ back though since they messed up the last order and refunded my boyfriend, I just won't get the present before Xmas.
  4. I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope they offer you something in compensation.

  5. They haven't even responded to me yet! I want the package overnighted to me free of charge, that's the only thing that would make me happy.
  6. I would never purchase from the again :ban: