Snow Glam is here

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  1. NM San Antonio received the snow glam hobo and boston bag today and they rock. Has anyone else seen them? What do you all think?:tup:
  2. I though the girls said they look like the Blondies but I have seen them in their website and I really don't like them, maybe they look better in person.
  3. I'm dying to see them in real life but I'm waiting bc I'm on a ban (or I'm trying to be). They are similar to the blondies and on numerous reviews I've read that its a hit. I'm in love with the red one!![​IMG]
  4. I plan to go and see thm next week! I want the black hobo!
  5. Here is the bowler
    IMG_1513 copy.jpg
  6. my friend just got a black snow glam. super cute! it has a cute red gg printed lining.
  7. we are yet to have them in the local store. looking forward to it though!
  8. I'm eyeing the white one. It looks so hot! If anything I don't like that it has patent on it. I'm really careful with my bags but white patent has the potential to go yellow.
  9. Love,love,love the bowler. Is is glam to the max. I have only seen it on the website but I long to see it in person.
  10. The red one is hot!

    But I :heart: the signoria much more. wow.
  11. cute!
  12. i just bought the large red, black and white bowler....:supacool: i love the shape of it.:heart: i want to see how it works with my wardrobe....
  13. Oh,Chaussurewhore, I am jealous! Congratulations. By the way, what does your name mean? I am not familiar with Chaussure.

  14. hi gerry, chaussure is french for "shoe". i have a double addiction, bags!:supacool: thanks, on snow glam, i love big bags and am still debating on this one......beaucoup bucks.....but super fun!!:heart::heart::heart:

  15. WOW congrats! That would be a dream come true for me lol. Please post pics when you can! We'd LOVE to see:yes: