1. What's a good 'snipe' website? I have my eyes on something on eBay and want to make sure I get it :yes:
  3. WOW!!! i nerver knew that this technology exist!!!
    thanks girls :P
  4. Definitely! I use this everytime I want to bid =)
  5. Me too! :graucho:
  6. What is a snipe????
  7. It helps bidding for you at the last minute.
  8. I think when you first sign up with you get a certain amount of free snipes. If I can remember, I think it was 3 free snipes..

    An auction sniper is a timed tool that enters your bid in the last several seconds.
  10. ^^ I am going to try it - I am always been outbid at the last moment!!
  11. Thanks guys!!!
  12. Wow! who knew! I'm glad I caught this thread. :smile:
  13. Learn something new everyday
  14. omg this is going to get me into so much trouble!!!!!!!!!
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