*sniff* i miss my vespa!!

  1. she's been off at H NY, getting a longer strap, almost since i got her - i only carried her twice before sending her off. she's not due back for two more weeks, but i miss her so much! :crybaby:

    i think i know now why you all have multiples....it's making me crazy! as tom petty would say, "the waiting is the hardest part"....LOL! :roflmfao:

    anyone else have to miss an "only" or "favorite" H bag while it's away at the spa??
  2. Aw, just another two weeks....
  3. I miss my Evelyne so much while she's at the spa...I got a Vespa...

    Maybe you should get an Evelyne !!!:smile:

    It's very hard to be without such a functional bag....
  4. lol, QM......DH would never let me send a bag to the spa again!

    although, i *am* going on a trip with DH next week to an undisclosed location, and he did promise to take me to the H store while we're there (lol, don't you love the new, cryptic tPF).....
  5. Two more weeks? You're lucky! My Carmen key ring busted a stitch and I took her in. It's been three months already.
  6. ^HG yes, i guess i am - i sent her in around the end of feb, and they promised to try to send her back by the first week of april. i must have sounded appropriately desperate! :roflmfao:
  7. Too funny!!!

    Ok..in the spirit...maybe you could convince DH that you need an item of a leather nature that is as functional as your V... say an E or a P maybe even a T...although that might be a bit much

    You know just because they say two weeks.....Strike DH while the iron is hot!!!
  8. yeah two weeks is not that bad !! lol
    I'm still waiting for my bags and agenda in the spa, and it's the 5th week.. ! :crybaby:
  9. LOL, you are a baaaaad influence, QM!

    tee hee...i'm not sure striking DH is the right answer here. now, maybe getting the iron hot...... :graucho:
  10. i don't own an h bag but i brought my new to me chanel bag in as soon as i got it- i never even wore it. it's been 2 weeks and i have like 6 more. i want her home!
  11. ^hlfinn, isn't it the worst!? i don't know what i was thinking, sending her off while she was still brand new :sad:
  12. lovethatthing, no no, it's 2 MORE weeks...she's already been gone for several weeks :sad:

    i'm so sorry you're having to wait too....it's terrible, isn't it? torture!

  13. *ahem* Claude likes chocolate!!!

  14. Would that be from Payard?
  15. ^^^Well, I've never seen anyone in there say no yet. However, there's a few that have given it up for Lent. Better ask first.