sneaker heels

  1. If this helps, they're by Dries Van Noten. But I'm not sure where you can find them.
  2. Barneys NY had them last season (I think they sold out before VB even wore them). Honestly, I think they are too over the top. But good luck finding them.
  3. I used to have the most adorable pair of platform sneaker wedges from Guess (that I used to always wear to Mariner games...until my dog ate one of them. I nearly cried.:sad: I wish I could find a pic of them)

    Here is a good pic of the shoes you are looking for. Definitely Dries Van Notens. Cute but not my favorites.

  4. Thanks guys.. but i'm not necessarily looking for Dries Van Notens, just anything that has that same style. I heard they had them at Sterling a while ago but that was 2 summers ago
  5. FYI: I ordered a pair of those wedge sneakers and they are TOOOOO CUTE! Loves them! They have them in white too if you want white!