Snakes on a Plane

  1. Anyone going to watch this? I'm going to be a masochist and go watch it. By that I mean I'm deathly afraid of snake yet I have this morbid curiosity to go watch this film that used over 450 real snakes during its filming. This film has got to be one of the most talked about film ever, and by people who had never seen it. I think the title has much to do with it. Can you imagine some other film coming out with the title of "Bisons on a Bicycle"?:lol:

    The review on IMDB has been 8.4 so far, which is considered pretty darn good (on IMDB, movies rated 7.0 and above are generally good). Granted, today is the first day so the rating CAN (and will probably) slip over the weekend. However, I am very curious about the film so I'm going to watch this.
  2. What exactly is it about? I don't mind my friend wouldn't touch the snakeskin wallet I had :smile:
  3. What's it about? Snakes.....on a plane. With Samuel L. Jackson. It's going to be awesome! What more do you need? In April I read about this film and I am purely seeing it for the title alone! Plus my husband wants to see it.
  4. Hee Hee I am going tonight with my 12 year old son. Mom and son night. Thought he would get a kick out of it!
  5. I saw Samuel L. Jackson on The Daily Show the other night talking about this movie - he had a lot of fun making it. I'm betting it's hilarious.

    Selena, my son is 13 and I think he'd love it too. If you're anything like me you don't care, but there are likely to be a lot of F-words in this movie.
  6. Here's a stat I got off of IMDB (not sure how accurate). It shows the demographic of the voters who voted in their opinions of the film so far:
    Votes Average

    Males: 1298 8.4
    Females: 146 7.5
    Aged under 18: 289 9.1
    Males under 18: 254 9.2
    Females under 18: 35 8.0
    Aged 18-29: 994 8.7
    Males aged 18-29: 889 8.8
    Females aged 18-29: 97 7.2
    Aged 30-44: 118 6.0
    Males aged 30-44: 109 5.9
    Females aged 30-44: 8 5.8
    Aged 45+: 39 5.4
    Males aged 45+: 34 5.1
    Females aged 45+: 5 10.0
    US users: 970 8.5
    Non-US users: 477 8.2

    All votes 1528 8.4
  7. He is a very mature 12 year old. He hears the f word from time to time from my mouth! LOL
  8. i hope I don't have any nightmares about snakes from watching the film ... Blood and gore movies don't scare me but snakes really do ...
  9. It's about terrorists who wanted to kill someone who is in the Witness Protection Program by releasing tons of snakes into the plane when it was 5000 feet in the air. Just imagine, stuck sky high with all these snakes and nowhere to hide. you know how snakes can get into places ...:Push:
  10. ugh...crawling snakes everywhere :huh:!
  11. Sorta off topic...LOL!!! I went to Blockbuster Tuesday & in the new release section was a dvd titled Snakes on the Train. I started laughing, yes I did rent it & it was horrible. That's why it didn't make it to the theatres, it was soo low budget the fight, snakes, special effects all looked fake. I don't recommend that film.

    But I am going to hold out on seeing Snakes on A Plane...but to me it looks like a really good movie. When you all get back from seeing it please do tell us what you thought.
  12. :yes: I saw that movie on the shelf as well. :lol: Even movies have rip offs.

    I must me an oddball because I really have no interest in seeing Snakes on a Plane. The whole thing just looked silly. But I guess that was the point? :shrugs: Oh well.... I will wait for it to hit the SciFi channel or something.
  13. "Snakes on a Plane" must be one of the most uncreative and worst title one can give to a movie. But it's precisely because of the title that got people talking. It's funny because the film is getting so much free publicity on the internet because of the title. Even at the Angels baseball game yesterday they had this question on the big screen: "Will you see 'Snakes on a Plane' tomorrow? a. Yes b. No":lol:

    They can name the sequel "Bisons on a Bike" or something.
  14. Imagine how crappy that would be if you were stuck in a flight bound from LAX to TPE or any place that would require over 18 hours of staying on the plane ... :Push: In a way, it's some people's WORST nightmare!
  15. When I first heard about this movie, I thought if someone let me see it for free in private theatre, I wouldn't go. It just sounded stupid. But after reading all these reviews and feedback, I am rethinking that.