Smyth Jewelers in Baltimore?

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  1. My DH and I went tho Smyth Jewelry store in Baltimore today b/c it has the reputation of having everything.

    Has anyone been? We thought it was just okay. We were looking for an upgrade to my original wedding band and we wanted to see at least 2 tcw. in a five-stone diamond ring with a minimum color of E or F and VVS-1 to VVS-2.

    They didn't have anything reasonably close, but the thing that bothered me most was the atmosphere. It was a like a giant "box" store (think Best Buy for jewelry). SAs were walking around with head sets and they were so slovenly dressed at best.

    The weirdest thing was they served little bags of popcorn! It was like being at the circus. I didn't care for it at all. And sadly, I didn't see a ring I liked either.:sad:
  2. Ehh I wasn't impressed with Smyth either for the same reasons you said, it reminds me of a big warehouse.

    Did you try Radcliffe?

    If you want a good deal on a band, I would go to, which is an online forum for diamonds, much like this site is for purses. They can give you some great information over there, as the people there are very knowledgeable about diamonds and pricing...and they generally all suggest getting quotes from online vendors over brick and mortar stores.

    If you posted exactly what you wanted, they would be able to provide a lot of suggestions. Many of the people over there suggest contacting online vendors that are highly reccommended over there---, and there are a few others...someone named Good Old Gold, and there's one that escapes me right this second.

    I got a quote from whiteflash recently, and they get really good reviews. They are very reasonable. They might even have what you want in stock.
  3. Thank you OneNJen! I'm heading off to
    right now.

    Is Radcliffe located in Baltimore? I'm not familiar with it.
  4. Radcliffe is in Baltimore. They have two locations-- one in Towson, which isn't too far from the Timonium Smyth. The other location is in Pikesville. However, I think you are better off going through an online vendor, just from what I have learned from pricescope.

  5. Thanks so much OneNJen! You have given me helpful suggestions.
  6. A lot of members here have had good results with, as well. They have a big selection of bands. Good luck finding a ring!
  7. I've been looking on and they do have a nice selection. If I knew how to post a link to a specific ring, I'd include it here. They have one I'm really interested in. My DH thought it was lovely too.
  8. I forgot to write to you before, is based out of Frederick... I don't know if they have an actual physical location too.
  9. Thanks OneNJen! I love going to the old part ofFrederick and my family lives in Mt. Airy! I'll look into

    I have bought a lot of nice pieces from Colonial Jewelers right in the center of town too.
  10. Definitely Radcliffe... they are the best here.
  11. has a line of to die for bands, called the facet collection.