SMs back from Podium

  1. Ok so this is gorgeous. Betón translates to concrete. This looks like gris perle a bit.

    Gris asphalt translates to asphalt gray. Seems to sound like cement or concrete. But GA is almost like GT, lighter than Etoupe.

    Is this correct?

    Anyone have betón pics to share?
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  2. I was offered a jige in beton recently. It looks very close to Gris perle and definitely has gray undertones (sorry, I did not take a picture)
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  3. Perfect. Also seems close to argile with argile being a bit warmer.
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  4. I agree! It would be interesting to see a comparison of Beton and Gris Perle in the same leather.
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  5. :heart::heart::heart::heart: Such a gorgeous color. Thank you for sharing. I want a smaller bag / clutch in beton and a bigger bag or Roulis in Etain, then my gray collection is complete.
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  6. They are not really the same shade dear. Gris perle is more like light dove grey with some blue undertone and Beton is more close to Craie :smile:
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  7. Thankyou @boboxu, :flowers:
  8. Thanks for the pic! I'd love to see a comparison with craie. I am still lusting after it
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  9. Okay, finally got a photo for you all....

    Beton jige next to bamboo dogon duo wallet.

    Hope this helps!

  10. I saw asphalt today and it is between etoupe and gris T - more wearable imho than gris t ad it is all year around
    Color but light enough for summer. All in all very beautiful without awful yellow undertones that trench had. But i agree has nothing to do with its name asphalt! It is more beige than grey
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  11. Is it darker than beton?
  12. I'm really looking forward to seeing this color! Can I ask which item you saw in Asphalt and what type of leather it was?
  13. @SpicyTuna13 Is this a new color "Beton" for the season? It's a beautiful neutral!
  14. I have seen GA in swift leather and I would say that the colour is in between Etain and GT, but it is more beige than gray
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  15. Anyone know when Fall/Winter 2017 RTW clothes start coming in stores?