Smooth Vs. Pebbled - Which Is Nicer?

  1. Sigh...decisions, decisions.....I haven't ever owned a Sienna since it seemed like "everyone had one" but now they're really starting to grow on me.....much of the trouble of this forum....:nuts:
    But anyway, do any of you have any opinions of pebbled vs. the older smooth? They probably both have their attributes and downfalls, but thought maybe I could get some feedback. I was interested in the NM Siennas that are on sale. I was a little sad that they were all sold out of the Raisin Sienna...I would very much like to find a raisin Sienna (so that's my shout-out for the day)...
    Thanks everyone! :heart:
  2. Smooooooooth!!! IMO
    See halzers thread 'question on pebbled siennas'. There's a bunch of info there.
  3. Smooth all the way! Though the pebbled ones have their supporters too. I think it was nunnla who took hers to Florida, got caught in a monsoon, and her distressed black Sienna took it fine and still looks brand new.
  4. Pebbled all the way! I also have a Sienna in bourbon and to me, the beauty of the leather is unbelievable! :drool:
    KoobaRaisin2.jpg KoobaRaisin.jpg
  5. I can't attest to the pebbled Sienna's but I do have a smooth. Yes, it's one of those funky vintage Moss one's with the cream stitching. It was my very first Kooba, actually my very first pricey handbag...the one that got me HOOKED! The leather is so soft, smooth and somewhat fragile in that it is easily scratched but it really is a beautiful leather. To this day it still smells great! My Nisha is smooth, too, Oh, wait! I do have a pebbled leather in that I have a black Mackenzie clutch. It does seem more durable and it is quite interesting but I prefer the smooth by far. One of these days my Moss Sienna will find a new home as I don't use her too often. But for now I enjoy carrying her on occasion as a neat color accent to a dull outfit. Don't know if this info was any help but (as my 108 yr. old Grandma says) "That's my story and I'm sticking to it." (that is until I fall in love with a pebbled Sienna...)
  6. Oh, by the way...Have Sienna's been "officially discontinued"? Or are they still making them?
  7. Sienna's have been discontinued. The Smooth Black ones from the cruise line were the last ones that they issued. Very hard to come by now and pretty much only on eBay.

    I have to go with a Smooth vote because it seems to make for a softer bag faster. The smooth black Sienna has some awesome leather. The Same leather as the Black Braedon. It's thick with a slight distressing. Not totally smooth like the older Siennas and not heavy pebbled like the newer ones.
  8. I am torn! I really like both! If I had to pick I would probably go with smooth just bc they are harder to come by and seem to age nicely. But if a pebbled one came by at a decent price I would go for it! To be honest, I wouldnt mind having one in each! I have an embossed Sienna and I REALLY love it. I know alot of people werent crazy about them but it was actually what got me interested in Kooba. The sienna is just such a great bag that it can rock different leathers very well!

  9. man...that really sux! I hope they eventually re-issue them!!
  10. That raisin one is to die for - my dream bag.
  11. Oh me too! I tried for ages to nab one with no success! Then Neiman's had them on sale! What luck! I also bought a raisin Jessie from Kooba directly when they had them on sale.

    Now of course, I see Jessies in raisin on eBay for 99 bucks. :nuts:
  12. It's weird how different bags act for different people.
    I've heard both about how the pebbled leathers soften up so that they're smooshy. Others think that they never soften up.
    I'm so sad too like you guys - a raisin Sienna. Oh - I'm going to google till I just can't google no more - and find us some!!!!!! (authentic OF COURSE).....