Smooth Leather Sienna in Olive

  1. That's the one I have from a couple of years ago. Beautiful bag.
  2. From that photo it is hard to get a handle on that color. Is it a dark, muddy olive green?

    I think I like that army metallic you have Lexie, much much better.
  3. Not a bad price, wonder if they'll do new Siennas in the fall or if theyll consider them history...
  4. History, I bet. It is time to move on and I think they will.
  5. I was looking at this but wondered if I should wait until the sample sale. I did like the Sienna but everyone raves about the smooth leather vs the embrossed one that I returned.
  6. I wish you could enlarge that color.
  7. I know. I can't get a handle on the color. I've been toying with the idea of a black Sienna but truly, I already have a Scarlett and Sienna and don't need another. And when I compare any other color to my Army Metallic the Army always wins.
    Smooth real Siennas are so rare. I think if Kooba did it again this Fall with some cool colors and no pebbling, it may sell. But like SalesRe said...they probably want to move on and find their next IT bag.
  8. I've got the Olive Sienna from a couple of seasons ago... Let me see if I can get some good pics tonight. If not, I'll get some up here tomorrow.

    It's a gorgeous color and goes with everything! You don't have to baby this bag at all, but online I believe it looks darker than it is IRL.
  9. gorgeous color!
  10. Okay, here are some pics. I hope these help!

    The first pic is with flash, so the color appears a little lighter in color than it does IRL... not too much though.

    The second is a close-up of the leather, no flash, so the color appears warmer (more yellow undertones) than it does IRL.

    I'll get one with natural lighting tomorrow. I never thought I would be a green bag lady, but I adore this color! This is definitely one Kooba I'll never sell. I carried this bag straight for 6+ months taking no special care of it and it is still in great condition. I highly recommend the smooth Olive leather. What do you think?
    PICT0117.JPG PICT0124.JPG
  11. Not a "green person", but this, I like!:yes:
  12. Thanks so much for the pictures Koobalover!! I do like the bag and I am so tempted to buy it. Why is their shipping so high?? $14 for ground shipping! :confused1:

    I haven't decided yet.......
  13. ya know what sucks, is that i am broke as hell, and i think that would probably be my dream kooba right there. that color goes with the MAJORITY of my wardrobe! how is the leather hold up on this bag??? if you say nothing at all like the bonnie then i know it's my dream kooba... *sigh*
  14. Oh My, that is pretty!!! I am not a green bag either but this is nice and neutral. It's a great find. It's gonna be gone in a second guys if someone doesn't buy it. Smooth leather!!!!!

    Bliss, the Sienna's are nothing like the new Spring line leather. I've had my Scarlett for 3 years and used it often and it looks brand new. This is a bag you can practically trash and it still looks good with scuffs and all. But as you can see, it holds up really well from KoobaLovers pics.