Small wallet with zipper around the side -is it still made?

  1. I am not sure what the name of this is, but there is a small wallet (or credit card holder) that comes in two sizes, has a zipper than goes around half the case, accross the top and around the side, so to speak, and has a thin leather strap on it (like a wristlet). Luxury Zurich presently has three, two of which are new. Does anyone know what this is called and if it is still in production. Thanks.
  2. is it this----


    If so, it is still available, this is the smallest size.
    This is violet chevre mysore.
    I saw it in two more sizes..

    Good luck!
  3. Thandk - this is not the one I was referring to however - this one has zipper around three sidies; the one I am looking for is similar in appearance, but has zipper around top and side, and a string attached to zipper pull.
  4. I can't see the pics above, but it sounds like you're talking about an AZAP.

    They're still made, they sell pretty well from what I understand.

    I'm getting a version of one for myself next time I get in... I love the Bearn, but I'm not quite that delicate with my wallets to not wreck one lol
  5. Thanks - the picture above was the AZAP - the one I am looking for is similar in motif, but has zipper on one less side (the azap goes up one side, accross top and down the other side; the one in question goes accross the top and down one side only)