Small things that make you happy!


Aug 20, 2007
Live free or die
My morning coffee - adds a bit of normalcy just drink it at home VS the office now.

My dog... No matter what she always makes me smile! My cats too but sometimes they have an attitude lol.

Outdoor walks/runs - fresh air & sunshine are good for my health physically and mentally.


Apr 3, 2018
I'm using the time at home to try out fashion ideas I would be too shy to wear in public. Bold and colorful makeup, shoes I couldn't wear all day because they hurt, daring clothes I can't wear to the office.

And of course, paring them with my handbags...the ones I can't always use because they are too small or impractical but that I save and love anyway :love:
Oct 19, 2008
Northern Virginia
Here are a few things that make me happy.
My family. Pic taken on the last day of normal life. DD is a 3rd year Med student studying Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine. Rotations have largely been cancelled. She's volunteering at the Medical Center fitting PPE and piloting a program in which medical care providers and patients have iPads to communicate. My son flew back to Kentucky that night. I miss them so.
My cats. Rocket and Rosie. I will say they are getting so spoiled with attention.
Knitting. It's so relaxing and grounding.
Weight lifting. That's 120lbs on the bar. I squatted it for 20 reps. Keeping strong will hopefully keep me healthy. DH lifts too.
Flowers. Make it seem that everything will be OK.

I am far more fortunate than most. Sincerest prayers to all.

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