Small Reveal from when I was in NYC yesterday

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  1. sooo I was in NYC yesterday for Ryan Seacrest's Rock My Town Adam Lambert Kris Allen and Alison Iraheta concert.. (omg Adam Lambert is sooo frigging amazing),,,, but back to Louis... we were on line for like 10 hours since it was general admission at Highline Ballroom,, so I decided to take a little cab trip to the LV store on Greene St. :biggrin:
    here's what I got.....
  2. what did you get!?! :nuts:
  3. sorry computers being slow,, give me like 5 mins :smile: haha
  4. Congrats!
  5. Yay, mono Cles and LV locks!! Congrats :smile: Looks great on NF!
  6. Very nice reveal:yes:congrats.
  7. congrats! i bought locks for mine but have never actually worn it cinched LOL!
  8. congrats!
  9. I really like it with the locks,,, I love the cinched look and the leather straps don't always give it that shape,and stay closed.. so the locks are perfect! :smile: